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  • Hobie Bass Open Hobie® Bass Open Quickly Approaching

    As announced earlier, the Hobie Bass Open qualifier for the Hobie Fishing Worlds IV will be held at the Kentucky Lake Dam Village State Resort Park in Kentucky, May 30-June 1.

  • Find The Best Spots Fast

    Big smallmouth — once you’ve caught one, you want to catch another and another and another. You can never get enough. It’s an addiction. It’s best to identify a smallmouth addict so you don’t unintentionally befriend one, thinking he or she might become a new largemouth fishing buddy.

  • 25 best bass busting secrets

    Today's outdoor magazines are full of articles expounding the virtues of many new and advanced bass-fishing techniques. Yet few stories are printed for good old boys and girls who just want to learn the basics of bass fishing. The tips that follow hopefully will remedy that.....

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