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  • The Bassin’ Magazine Big Bass World Championship (BBWC) is in the books!

    46 anglers from across the nation paired up for a day on the water at Ft. Gibson Lake located in Oklahoma.

    Forty-four BBWC State Champions, 2014 Big Bass World Champion Anthony Sege and 2nd chance winner Chris King from New York arrived Friday evening for dinner and pre-tournament activities. 2nd chance winner drawing is randomly selected from a special post on the forum board, giving anglers one more chance and way to win.

  • Wayne Campbell Brings in two Fish over 5-lbs To challenge the hotseat leader

    The weather was scary on Halloween at Ft. Gibson Lake in Wagoner, Oklahoma. That didn’t stop the anglers as they were dressed for the adventure that was about to ensue. Oklahoma weather is truly unpredictable, and this Halloween was spot on.

    Only heavy drizzle in the early morning showed up, as the anglers took off with their boat marshalls. Safe light touched the water about 7:30 as tournament director Brad Uhl called them out for the start. Boats took off in all directions, as anglers have prepared for the last month to fish Ft. Gibson Lake, in Wagoner Oklahoma...

  • The 2015 Hobie® Fishing Worlds is officially declared open

    Shang Lake, Changshu, China was abuzz today as locals gathered in their hundreds to witness the opening ceremony of the 2015 Hobie Fishing Worlds. Government officials,

    The ministers for sport, tourism and propaganda along with Hobie Cat Australasia’s Steve Fields opened the festivities with fireworks, traditional dances and a kayak parade of the 20 participating nations. The festivities then continued at the official opening ceremony dinner this evening.

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